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Teachers may be able to find templates, lessons and assessments by using the Standards-Correlated search by narrowing the search to Connecticut State Frameworks, choosing a grade and subject-area. The search results includes a listing of standards and available resources. See below for example:


Properties of Matter

Materials can be classified as pure substances or mixtures, depending on their chemical and physical properties. a) Mixtures are made of combinations of elements and/or compounds, and they can be separated by using a variety of physical means. b) Pure substances can be either elements or compounds, and they cannot be broken down by physical means. View Resources
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Describe the structure of the atom and its component parts. View Resources

Explain that density (mass/volume) is a characteristic property that can be used to identify an element or substance. View Resources

Compare and contrast the properties of a metal (aluminum, iron, etc.) with a nonmetal (oxygen, carbon, etc.) View Resources

Illustrate the differences in the physical and chemical properties of a molecule and the individual atoms that bonded to form that molecule. View Resources

Topic Searches -

With topic searches, the teacher clicks on the subject area and can "browse by subject". This will provide many possible resources. The results can then be filtered by keyword or type of lesson. For example, for someone looking for questions for the Smart Response System, they can filter by those results using the left hand navigation. It is possible to also narrow lists of results by templates, manipulatives, lessons and classroom response system. For those who do not have a full version of Smart Notebook software, they can open the Smart Notebook files using the Smart Express Viewer.

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